Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reservations Update

Just like Yvonne, I want to encourage everyone to make reservations for the reunion. It would help us greatly in the planning to know which families are committed to attending and to begin getting a head count. For anyone not interested in camping, I called some lodging options this morning and got the following information:

Hueston Woods Lodge & Family Cabins 5201 Lodge Road, College Corner, Ohio 45003 513.664.3500 Fax: 513.523.1522 (Front Desk)

They have 7 double rooms, 4 king rooms and 5 family cabins left to be booked directly on the park property. Starting at $139.

Comfort Inn 5056 College Corner Pike, Oxford, OH (513) 524-0114

They have 24 rooms left starting at $159.‎

Best Western Sycamore Inn 6 E Sycamore, Oxford, OH (513) 523-0000

They have 50 rooms open starting at $122.

Baymont Inn & Suites 5190 College Corner Pike, Oxford, OH (513) 523-2722

They have 60 rooms left starting at $90.

Holiday Inn Hotel Oxford 75 South Main St, Oxford, OH (513) 524-2002

They have 21 suites left starting at $164.95.

Butler Inn Oxford 5235 College Corner Pike, Oxford, OH (513) 523-6306 ‎

I called and had a strange experience that makes me wonder if this number has been reassigned and the hotel is out of business. I may have woken up some poor MU student really early. Try to book at your own peril ;).

Oxford Inn 5399 College Corner Road, Oxford, OH (513) 523-1880 ‎

I called this place and got a generic message on an answering machine. No indication that this is a hotel, so you’re on your own with this one.

Marcum Conference Center & Miami Inn 351 North Fisher Drive, Oxford, OH (513) 529-6911 ‎

This seems to be a historic property located on a corner of the beautiful Miami University campus. They have rooms starting at $89 according to the online reservations system. As I was making my calls early, I didn’t talk to a person, but you can do so here: 513-529-2104 or 513-529-6911.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Please place a Comment if you have reserved a room in the Lodge, another local Hotel or a Hueston Woods Cabin.  If there are great deals please also put that in your comments section... I know families are looking!  We will make a few phone calls and see what we can come up with as well.

Lodge Link:

Monday, April 4, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that MY reservations are made... now get up, grab your credit card and reserve your campsite... I don't want to be the only one camping out! I have received a few confirmations for the lodge or cabins, but I would love it if some of the camping families could book and ensure we lock down the area for our reunion.  I would love to be able to limit the vehicle traffic so our little ones could ride bikes to the cross road and then through the loop and we could essentially block cars coming in to check it out... I hope.  :)

I have reserved C25 and C26; however, since I have not camped in this park before I am reserving by proximity to the play area and restrooms for our group site.  This is why I chose C25 as our group site.  I chose C26 for my camping site so that I can set up the coffee for everyone who crawls out of their tents and needs a good cup of java in the morning!  Yes, coffee pots are on my DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT list... maybe I can even see about some Bulgarian coffee/Turkish coffee before then... yum, that is definitely something I miss from my trips to Bulgaria!

I would love if each family that reserves a campsite would respond with what site they will be on.  This way if you have made a special friend along the way maybe you will want to camp near them.  Looking forward to seeing this section of the camp ground fill up.  Remember you Southern campers... when the Mid-West warms up everyone immediately begins to think of camping trips... this weekend is supposed to hit 60 up here... lets grab our sites before they begin to fill up!!!


Thanks everyone,