Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cabins 2013

Here's a quick update on the deluxe and camping cabins at Winton Woods Park.  The map shows where each cabin is located and you can read below which cabins have been assigned to families and which are still available.

Campground Map

1H - Korich Family
2H - Larsen Family
3H - Reunion Headquarters (Martini)
4H - Reunion Headquarters (Villemure)
5H - Stewart Family
6H - Van Roekel Family
7H - Dolbier Family
8H - Cox Family

1C - available
2C - Bromund Family
3C - Santor Family
4C - Howe Family
5C - Perkins Family
6C - Sallot Family
7C - Nicely Family
8C - Bodell Family
9C - Collicot Family
10C - DeLong Family

If you would like to reserve a cabin, please email Viviane at viviane 8 at yahoo dot com.  Also, if you had reserved a cabin, but will now be unable to attend the reunion, please let us know as soon as possible because another family might like the opportunity to stay in a cabin.

The first bulk payment to the park will be due in April, so please be prepared to send your cabin payments to Viviane by March 31, 2013.  Details to follow.