Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 Volunteer Sign Up


Set up tables, chairs and decorate around 3:30 pm - Lynda/Doug C., Sue S.

Fill up water balloons around 4:00 pm -  Sue S.

Prepare, serve and clean up pizza bar 5:30 pm - Misty and Jared R.

Set up, serve, and clean up the ice-cream social around 7:15 pm - Rani C., Kim V.

Collect garbage and transport to dumpster around 9:00 pm - Alex, Logan and Warren B.


Prep and set-up breakfast bar around 8:15 am and on - Stephanie C., R. Family

Make coffee for breakfast and keep it coming 8:15 am (someone in a deluxe cabin please - you will have two coffeemakers and all supplies will be provided) -  Warren B.

Assist with breakfast clean-up around 9:15 am - Isabelle, Reni, Alyona B., Stephanie C.,  R. Family

Take the group photo around 9:45 am - Bojan B.

Collect garbage and transport to dumpster around 9:45 am - Angel N. and family

Assist with cultural activity at 10:00 am -  Jane B.


Assist at the arts and crafts table 4:00 pm - Katie or Andrew R.

Grill for potluck around 4:45 pm - Warren B. (with a large grill he is bringing)
Set-up for potluck around 5:15 pm - Irina B.
Clean-up after potluck around 6:30 pm - Stephanie and Summer B.

Start and supervise campfire and smores around 7:30 pm - Bojan B.

Collect garbage and transport it to the dumpster around 9:00 pm -  Angel N. and family


Assist with setting up breakfast around 8:00 am - R. Family
Make coffee and keep it coming around 8:15 am - Warren B.
Assist with breakfast clean-up around 9:30 am -  R. Family
Take down tables/chairs around 10:00 am -  Kurt and Chantel, Lynda/Doug C.
Clean up cul-de-sac around 10:00 am - 

Ice runs as needed -  Doug L.
Make lemonade and iced tea throughout weekend (someone in a deluxe cabin, please, all supplies will be provided) - Caryn W.

Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Tentative Reunion Schedule

Friday June 30

3:00 pm - check in at the park begins

4:00 pm - informal meet and greet on the reunion grounds

5:30 pm - pizza bar

6:15 pm ish - Seeds for Songs performance (45 mins)

7:15 pm ish - icecream social

Saturday July 1

8:30 am - breakfast in the cul-de-sac

9:45 am - group photo

10:00 am - cultural activity (bring a light colored article of clothing to decorate)

12:00 noon to 4:00 pm - family time and splash park

4:00 pm - arts and crafts in the cul-de-sac

5:30 pm - potluck dinner

7:30 pm - campfire

Sunday July 2

8:30 am - breakfast

11:00 am - check out at the park