Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cabin Rentals Winton Woods Park

We recently learned that some families who have been a part of our reunion were not happy with the process used for distributing the deluxe and camping cabins at Winton Woods for the 2013 event.  In order to do better for 2014, we would like to collect suggestions of how the rental situation should be addressed in the future.

One solution we are considering is a lottery for the 6 deluxe cabins (2 of the 8 cabins would be going to Yvonne and Viviane to store supplies, prepare food, provide access to a restroom, etc.) and also the camping cabins.  Families who want to rent a cabin could enter their name (one entry per family) and then we would draw and let luck decide.  Using this method would be fair and give everyone an equal chance at the deluxe/camping cabins as well as ensure that it would not be the same families each year enjoying the luxury of the cabins.

Another option is to return the process to individual bookings on a first come, first served basis.  In that case, you would just have to be fast and make your reservations with payment well ahead of the reunion.  The park does not allow bookings more than a year in advance.

We realize that the demand for (deluxe) cabins among our families is greater than what the Winton Woods location offers.  However, we have looked far and wide and not found another park with similar amenities and perks for our group.  There are camps near Cincinnati that can be rented by groups, but the cost, especially to larger families, would be much higher as they charge a price per person per night.  Other parks offer more cabins, spread out over their property, but do not have a central area that could serve as our main, semi-private hub for all group activities.

Please email us or leave a comment here if you have an idea for how to address the distribution of cabins in the future or wish to offer an alternate reunion location.  Thank you.