Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Saturday Morning Olympics

Our Saturday mornings at the Bulgarian reunion are typically filled with friendly competitions and arts and crafts.  This year we will be having an Olympic event of sorts where the children can choose to participate  in up to three of six different competitions.  In order to work this out logistically, I need to know by May 1 which, if any, competitions your children would like to join.

Ping Pong Precision Pitch: Children will toss ping pong balls into egg cartons from a distance to earn points.  This will be open to all ages and staggered for 6 and under, 7 to 10, and 11 to 18 years old.  Kids with the most points will advance to the next rounds.

Bulgaria Brain Quest: Participants will have a set amount of time to complete questionnaires about Bulgaria.  Children with the most correct answers advance to the next rounds.  Open to kids 7 to 10 and 11 to 18 years old.

Paper Airplane Toss: Kids will fold their own paper airplanes and toss for distance.  Open to ages 6 and under, 7 to 10, and 11-18.  The farthest flyers will advance to the next round.

Hulathon: You must bring your own hula hoop to participate to see who can hula the longest.  Open to kids 6 and under, 7 to 10, and 11 to 18.

Beach Ball Team Obstacle Course: Teams of two will have their hands tied together and must complete an obstacle course while keeping a beach ball in the air.  If the ball hits the ground, a team is eliminated.  If more than one team complete the course, they will advance to a timed round.  Open to kids 7-10 and 11-18.  

Marker Balancing Act: Kids will balance a marker on the open palm of their hand.  Kids 6 and under will compete for who can balance the longest.  Kids 7-10 and 11-18 will try to balance the marker through an obstacle course.

While these competitions are taking place, children who do not wish to participate can decorate a picture frame, visit the playground, or ride their bikes away from the cul-de-sac.  Infants and toddlers will have sensory bins, bubbles, play dough and books available to entertain them.

Please email bulgarianreunion at yahoo dot com by May 1 to let me know which, if any, competitions are right for your child.