Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 Reunion Shirts

It is time to vote on the design for the 2016 reunion t-shirts.  Please note that we do not yet have information regarding cost of the shirts, but they will be printed and sold as a fundraiser via a website like Bonfire.  T-shirts are not included with your reunion fee in 2016.

Each design can be printed with or without the 2016 Reunion verbiage though the images are displayed here only with the verbiage, so you have to use your imagination. Please keep in mind that shirts which do not mention the reunion may have much broader appeal for a fundraiser beyond those who plan to attend our event in 2016.

Please vote for your favorite design by leaving a comment here with your family name.  ONE vote per family only. Alicia will be collecting responses directly from the comment section.  Voting closes  on March 18, 2016.

Design #1 with reunion verbiage (vote 1A) without reunion verbiage (vote 1B)

Design #2 with reunion verbiage (vote 2A) without reunion verbiage (vote 2B)

Design #3 with reunion verbiage (vote 3A) without reunion verbiage (vote 3B)

Design #4 with reunion verbiage (vote 4A) without reunion verbiage (vote 4B)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Reunion Sponsors

Many thanks to the generous adoption agencies, groups, and individuals who have committed to a designated donation toward our 2016 reunion.

Balloon artist (Friday night) - $150 - SPONSORED BY HOPSCOTCH ADOPTIONS

Professional story teller (Saturday night) - $100 – SPONSORED BY ABOUT A CHILD

Splash park tickets (Saturday afternoon) - $160 – SPONSORED BY MLJ ADOPTIONS

Games and toys - $120 – SPONSORED BY ADOPTION CIRCLE

Bulgarian cooking lesson (Saturday morning) - $150  - SPONSORED BY BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF CINCINNATI

Arts and Crafts Supplies (Saturday afternoon) - $100 - SPONSORED BY THE TIES PROGRAM

Smores Galore (Saturday night) - $50  (SPONSORED BY A PRIVATE FAMILY)

Pizza Party (Friday night) - $300 (SPONSORED BY A PRIVATE FAMILY)

Icecream Social (Friday Night) - $100 (SPONSORED BY A PRIVATE FAMILY)

Firewood (Saturday Night) - $30 (SPONSORED BY A PRIVATE FAMILY)

For questions or if you wish to sponsor a different portion of the 2016 reunion, please email Viviane at bulgarianreunion at yahoo dot com.