Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016 Reunion Dates

The 2016 Bulgaria Adoptive Families Reunion will be held at Winton Woods Park in Cincinnati, Ohio from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26.  For questions, please email bulgarianreunion at yahoo dot com.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Potluck

There is a Kroger grocery store just 5 minutes from the park so with a quick trip during the lunch break/splash park time you can pick up refrigerated type items.    

Meat Counter
Hot dogs needed: 100         Hot dogs provided:  100        
Hot dog buns needed: 100  Hot dog buns provided: 100
Hamburgers needed: 80    Hamburgers provided:  84
Hamburger buns needed: 80  Hamburger buns provided: 80

Bodell -
Boyd - 100 hotdog buns
Bromund - pasta salad and brownies
Brooks - 24 hamburgers and dessert
Collicot - 
Conger - fresh fruit and chips
Cronin - 40 hamburger buns and brownies
Dunham -  Asian coleslaw and BBQ meatballs
Korich - chips and gluten-free dessert
Larsen - condiments and cheese for burgers/hotdogs, toppings for Friday icecream social
Martini - chips, dip, and hummus
Miller - cauliflower broccoli salad and dessert
McCulle - 40 hamburgers, 20 Italian sausage patties, 20 hotdogs, potato chips
Nance - shopksa salat
Parks - chocolate chip cookies & 40 hamburger buns
Plance - 80 hotdogs
Rickenbach - 
Sallot - mac'n cheese
Saltgaver - salad
Van Roekel - baked beans
Vargas -
Villemure -

Also, your dishes should serve 10-12 people.  We always have tons of leftovers and are trying to cut back on them by limiting the amount of each contribution.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Friends, we need help.  Please take a look at all the work which will have to be done to make the reunion a success and let us know where you can pitch in.  You can leave a comment or email me at viviane 8 at yahoo dot com.  We will have a sheet posted at the reunion with tasks and the names of those who volunteered to complete them, so that Yvonne and I can have a little more time to socialize with everyone, too.  If the job you volunteer to do requires any supplies, Yvonne and I will have them ready for you.  Teens are invited to volunteer as well.

*Highlighted text means we have enough volunteers for that task.


Pick up icecream from UDF - Andrew/Katie R.

Set up tables, chairs and decorate around 4:00 pm - Andrew R., Craig M.

Fill up water balloons around 4:00 pm - Stephanie C. & Family

Prepare and serve nacho bar 5:30 pm -  Rani C.

Set up and serve at the ice-cream social around 7:30 pm - Katie R., Carrie M.

Collect garbage and transport to dumpster around 9:00 pm - Stephanie C. & Family


Pick up bagels from Brueggers - Andrew R.

Prep and set-up breakfast bar around 8:00 am and on - Alicia K., B. Bunch

Make coffee for breakfast and keep it coming 8:00 am - Wendy B.

Assist with breakfast clean-up around 9:15 am - Wendy B., Donna & Julianna L.

Take the group photo around 9:30 am - Pat & Ron S.

Collect garbage and transport to dumpster around 9:30 -  Donna & Julianna L., Carrie M.

Boat Charter Chaperones 10:00 am - Jane B., Kay B., Kelley M.


Assist with bungy activity in shifts from 3:00 to 6:00 pm - Jason V., Jeff K., Doug L.
Assist with crafts 3:00 pm - Kay B., Pat S.
Assist with fun photo booth 4:00 pm - Kim V., Pat & Ron S.

Set-up for potluck around 5:30 pm - Angel N., Adrienne P.
Grill for potluck around 5:30 pm - Steven P., Mark D.
Clean-up after potluck around 7:00 pm - Angel N., Adrienne P., Jane B., Gail D.

Collect garbage and transport it to the dumpster around 9:00 pm -  Mark and Gail D.


Assist with cooking/setting up breakfast around 8:00 am - Jason/Kim V.
Assist with breakfast clean-up around 9:30 am -  Adrienne P.
Take down tables/chairs around 10:00 am -  Adrienne & Steven P., Gail and Mark D., Jared M.
Clean up cul-de-sac around 10:00 am -  Gail and Mark. D.

Ice runs throughout weekend -  Stephanie C. & Family (one or two runs), Donna L.
Make lemonade and iced tea throughout weekend -  Irina B., Alicia K.

Tentative Schedule 2015 Reunion

2015 Reunion Schedule

Friday, June 26

Check in starts at 3:00 pm

5:00 pm - Meet & greet - please pick up your welcome bag at cabin 4H
6:00 pm - Nacho bar
6:30 pm - The Cincinnati Slavic Dancers perform and teach Bulgarian dances
7:30 pm - Icecream social

Saturday, June 27

8:30 - 9:30 am - Breakfast in the cul-de-sac (provided)
9:30 am - Group photo
10:00 – Parky's Farm (all ages) or boat charter (teens only)
Noon - 3:00 pm -  family time to mingle, rest, or explore, have lunch, visit the splash park

3:00 pm - Bungy (all ages) and various crafts
5:30 pm - Set up for potluck
6:00 pm - Potluck dinner

Sunday, June 28

8:00 - 9:00 am - Group breakfast (provided)
9:30 am - Clean-up
11:00 am - Check out

Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 Reunion

We are now less than three months away from the 2015 Bulgarian Adoptive Families reunion.  Our dates are June 26 -28 and our location is Winton Woods Park in Cincinnati.  Registrations and fees are due on April 30, so if you would like to attend and did not receive the registration form, please email

As this is our fifth anniversary, we are planning some special activities that require close to accurate headcounts. Therefore, your timely registration is appreciated.