Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Friends, we need help.  Please take a look at all the work which will have to be done to make the reunion a success and let us know where you can pitch in.  You can leave a comment or email me at viviane 8 at yahoo dot com.  We will have a sheet posted at the reunion with tasks and the names of those who volunteered to complete them, so that Yvonne and I can have a little more time to socialize with everyone, too.  If the job you volunteer to do requires any supplies, Yvonne and I will have them ready for you.  Teens are invited to volunteer as well.


Set up tables, chairs and decorate around 4:00 pm - Lynda C. & Family, Stephanie B. & Family

Serve pizza around 6:30 pm - Brenda A. & Karen K., Kurt B. & Family

Set up and serve at the ice-cream social around 7:30 pm - Andrew & Katie R., Kay M. and Family, any teens who are interested

Clean up the shirt decorating area around 8:00 pm - Lindsey and Dustin P.

Collect garbage and transport to dumpster around 9:00 pm - Kay M. & Family, Paige L. & Family


Prep and set-up breakfast bar around 8:00 am and on - Jason & Kim V., Brad M., Josiah M., Aleah M.

Assist with breakfast clean-up around 9:30 am - Wendy B., Doug L.

Take the group photo around 9:45 am - Tony G.

Toddler stories, sensory activities, and games at 10: 00 am -  Kurt B. and Family, Craig M., Kay M, Mattea M.

Oversee Ping Pong Precision Pitch Competition at 10:00 - Andrew & Katie R., Joel M.

Oversee Bulgarian Brain Buster Competition at 10:00 - Dori G.

Oversee Paper Airplane Toss Competition at 10:00 - Colleen S., Josiah M.

Oversee Hulathon Competition at 10:00 - Stephanie C.

Oversee Beach Ball Team Obstacle Course Competition at 10:00 - Daniella G., Tim G.

Oversee Marker Balance Obstacle Course Competition at 10:00 - Doug L.

Supervise and assist at arts and crafts table - Kacy B., Kim V.

Pick-up children’s wrist bands for the splash park (if we have the funds) around 11:00 am - Brenda A. and Karen

Collect garbage and transport to dumpster around 12:00 noon - Lynda C. and Family


Assist with Bulgarian name day cultural activity at 4:30 pm - Dori G., Daniella G, Anna G.
Fill up water balloons around 4:30 pm - Lindsey & Dustin P., Doug L.
Set-up for potluck around 5:30 pm - Dori G., Abigail G., Gail D., Adrienne P.
Grill for potluck around 5:30 pm - Tony G., Mark D., Steven P.
Clean-up after potluck around 7:00 pm - Gail D., Adrienne P., Wendy B.

Collect garbage and transport it to the dumpster around 9:00 pm - Mark & Gail D.


Assist with cooking/setting up breakfast around 8:00 am and on - Jane B., Stephanie B. & Family
Assist with breakfast clean-up around 9:30 am - Jane B., Stephanie B. & Family
Take down tables/chairs around 10:00 am - Jane B., Stephanie B. & Family, Kay M. & Family
Clean up cul-de-sac around 10:00 am - Jane B, Stephanie B. & Family, Kay M. & Family

Ice Runs - Doug L.
Make lemonade and iced tea - Jason & Kim V.